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Professional Women’s Roundtable is a group of women who meet monthly and are dedicated to providing the opportunity for professional and personal growth through informative speakers, networking and events. Commitment to community service, scholarships and other philanthropic endeavors is the heart of the organization. Professional Women’s Roundtable (PWR) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the Murrieta/Temecula Valley. 

The vision: Seeking, Creating and Achieving. The Mission: To empower and unite professional women, motivated to succeed, through relationships, networking, and community involvement.

Yes, all active members are welcome to attend the board meetings.  They are held the Tuesday following the monthly lunch at 43460 Ridge Park Dr., Ste. 200, Temecula, CA.

With the wide variety of diversity in professions as members of PWR, there is no specific dress code requirement.  We suggest you wear what is professional for your field of business.

The UNITY/EXPO started in 2002 as the Unity Luncheon when PWR invited the community to join them to commemorate the holidays and celebrate the “Power of Unity”. At that time, the nation was still in shock over the events of 9-11 and PWR felt that is was important to bring the community together. Joan Sparkman was the guest speaker at this first event, and led the attendees through the process of understanding and developing an appreciation of the Power of Unity. The following year, 2003, was the first year that the Unity Award was given by PWR. The award was given to Joan Sparkman in recognition of her devotion and unselfish work to better our communities. The Board of PWR felt so strongly about the excellent role model that Joan Sparkman provides for women who wish to improve themselves and their community that a decision was made to name the award after its first recipient, resulting in the Joan Sparkman Unity Award. 

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